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Our receptionists are responsible for keeping the schedule, checking clients in and out, scheduling clients, and customer service in the Boutique. While chiefly your role is to answer the phones, we are always looking for motivated, energetic people who are willing to help in any capcity that they can. Receptionist shifts are Morning 9-1:30, Afternoon 1:30 - Close. An ideal applicant has an open availability and commit to a set schedule.


Katie Mirian, our artistic director and head stylist, caters to a book of long-term, loyal clientele. The Stylist Assistant position is responsible for blow outs, washes, applying color, and general upkeep of the Salon. Salon assistants keep track of the hair client schedule and keep everything running smoothly. Must be licensed IN TENNESSEE. Any license transfers should be completed before starting work. Stylist shifts are 9-5, Tuesday - Saturday. Assistants go where Katie goes, and must be able to go to both Brentwood and West End Salon consistently. An ideal applicant is experienced in the industry but not looking to advance her own career, as we do not do booth rentals.


Our threaders are a key component of our business! Threaders are responsible for brow bar services such as eyebrow threading and waxing, brow tinting, and lash extensions. We offer a full range of services and are open to training anyone with a basic understanding of threading who is willing to learn! Threaders train with Katie Mirian, the owner, and with our existing team of Threaders. Threader shifts are 9-1:30 Morning, and 1:30-Close in the afternoon. It is essential that any threader applicant be available to work at both our Brentwood and West End locations. That said, the threader schedule is the most flexible!

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