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Eyebrow threading

…ancient method of hair removal which originated in India. Practitioners use a pure, thin twisted cotton thread which is rolled over untidy hairlines, mustaches, and so on, plucking at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing, where a single hair is pulled each time, threading removes an entire row of hair, resulting in a straighter line. Threading can be done all over the face, arms, and legs—call for more details.

Salon Atash proudly is the trendsetter in the Nashville Area. Katie brought this lost art to Nashville in 1986- and has been helping all to achieve their best look.

Eyebrow $20

Eyebrow + Lip $25



We believe that brows are a key component on every persons face - your brows should fit your personality and your goals for your personal aesthetic look. Here at Salon Atash we think one way for brows: thick, fat, full, and luscious from head to tail. Every single Atash threader is committed to your complete satisfaction - we can’t wait to help you on your brow journey!
— Katie Miran


the atash  natural brow filler


Atash uses a unique pencil designed by Artistic Director, Katie Mirian. The pencil is used as a filler to the brow. Just like your head can have bald spots, so does the eyebrow. The penciling technique uses a taupe filler that does not contain any red, green, or black base. This means the pencil's one shade is universal, and can be used by any complexion or skin tone. Don’t judge this brow pencil by simply testing it on your hand. This pencil is PH formulated specifically for the skin and hair around the brow. It generates phenomenal effects for those who want more brow definition by tinting and filling the base of eyebrows making them appear thicker and fuller.